Battenfeld-Cincinnati gives you total solutions for all extrusion applications in the plastic industry.

At BNL we represent the sheet and packaging division of Battenfeld - Cincinnati.

High Speed Extruder

The standardized high-speed extruder series offers the process-technology optimum in terms of volume/screw speed ratio and so meets the demand for higher and higher outputs and excellent end product quality.

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Multi-Layer Sheet / Co-Extrusion

The high-speed extruder series is particularly suited for the extrusion of thermoforming sheet and has established itself in this market.

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Roll Stack Technology

Battenfeld-cincinnati has developed high-performance roll stack technologies to complement their proven extruder series for the production of mono- and multi-layer sheet. 

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Starextruder: Processing of PET

Over the last few years, PET has been used more and more often for high-grade packaging, thanks to its high transparency, good mechanical properties and ample availability. 

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