Automatic roll-fed machines separate forming and punching

Type RV/RD

Automatic roll-fed vacuum machines supported by pressure air and separate punching

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Automatic pressure machine for separate forming and punching with steel rule punch press in 2 separate stations with high outputpossibilities

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Type RDK

Automatic pressure machine for forming and punching in tooling with steel rule punch press with high outputpossibilities

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RDF 85

With the new RedLine RDF 85, ILLIG implements a variable mold interface and thus meets the need of many customers for a thermoforming machine that allows the use of molds from different manufacturers

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Stacking devices

Product features depend to a certain extent on quality and reliability of the downstream equipment. 

ILLIG offers a mature range of stacking systems adapted to automation level, output, variety of products and further processing

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Fast running, horizontal moving transit punching unit

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