High frequency welding or Radio Frequency welding is a manufacturing process where plastic (sheet) materials are welded together using an electromagnetic field. The result is a weld seam that is at least as strong as the surrounding material - or even stronger.

By using a high-frequency electromagnetic field, the material is heated and pressure is applied to melt and fuse the two materials together. The instrument used to supply the energy is called an electrode. The electrical energy causes the molecules within the material to move, generating heat that softens the material and thereby fuses it together. No heat is applied from the outside. Instead the heat is generated within the materials. During cooling (under sustained pressure), the materials are fused together and a weld is created. This results in a very strong connection between the two parts.

Together with PVC Service et Technologie - France, BNL starts its new activities in the maintenance of HF/RF plastic welding systems.

You can count on us for: 

  • Servicing your HF welding machine(s) in case of problems or defects

  • Making adjustments to your machines to weld a new product or improve your production

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