Mecasonic is a manufacturer of ultrasonic welding machines.

Ultrasonic welding

The newest generation of ultrasonic welding, a combination of high technology and usability.

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Spin welding

These welding machines produce the required heat in the right place by rotation of thermoplastic materials  in order to melt together.

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Hot plate welding

This process stands for high performance mechanical and hermetically sealed seams without particles.

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Vibration welding

In vibration welding, large and difficult connectable materials can be welded. Very suitable for thermoplastic material.

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Laser welding

The very precise heating of only welding zones for the realization of “high-end” finished products.

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Ultrasonic welding components

Mecasonic offers a range of ultrasonic welded components:

acoustic assemblies, generators, modules for integration into own machines or realization of own systems.

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